As one of our friends said:
"Walking through the store is like reading a poem, or eating an ice cream cone, or doing a backbend—it gives you a little nudge from left brain to right. It makes you want to paint, or bake, or skip. It makes you feel good."

As you walk in, let our soothing coastal blues and popping pinks and primaries soothe and cheer you! Wander through our little paradise and take it all in - hilarious signs and books, delightful and whimsical accessories, and gifts for every occasion - we’ll make you laugh as we inspire you!  It's frankly impossible to leave our store empty handed. Come see us! We promise you’ll leave with a smile and a happy heart!

The Team

We've been in business twenty-six years, and in our current downtown Bethesda location for eleven! Our incredible staff has over fifty years combined experience, so we love what we do, and can't wait to share that love with you.