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  • The French Farm Mustard
  • The French Farm Mustard
  • The French Farm Mustard


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Pommery Meaux- this deliciously grainy mustard has a slight "nutty" flavor to it; sure to be your new favorite mustard! Many chefs use it for sauces, roasts, vinaigrette and more.

Ingredients: Water, Mustard Seeds, Vinegar, Salt, Spices

Bornibus tarragon-

Delight in the Sophisticated Harmony of Bornibus Tarragon Mustard: a Fusion of Heat, Elegance, and Flavor.

Bornibus Tarragon Mustard is an exquisite condiment that marries the fiery zest of mustard with the refined, aromatic flair of tarragon, creating a condiment that perfectly complements fish dishes with its unique and distinguished note.

Crafted with a curated selection of ingredients:

1. Pristine water for a pure, fluid base
2. Rich, pungent mustard seeds selected for their quality and flavor profile
3. A tang of vinegar to infuse a bright acidity
4. A pinch of salt, enhancing the natural flavors
5. Tarragon at 0.5%, carefully incorporated for its subtle, anise-like sweetness
6. Citric acid, a natural choice to maintain the mustard's vibrant freshness
7. Potassium metabisulfite as a guardian to preserve its pristine condition


Ignite Your Palate with Bornibus Horseradish Mustard: A Bold Concoction of Spice and Vigor. Bornibus Horseradish Mustard is not just a condiment, it's a revelation, masterfully blending the fiery kick of classic mustard with the robust intensity of horseradish for an explosive taste sensation that's bound to leave a lasting impression.

Inside each jar, you'll find a carefully crafted mix of:

1. Pristine water, providing a clean, fluid base
2. Richly flavored mustard seeds, selected for their potent bite
3. Fresh garlic, accounting for 6% of the composition, adding depth and warmth
4. Potent horseradish with sulfites, for a powerful, invigorating punch
5. Pure alcohol vinegar, bringing a bright acidity to the blend
6. Just the right amount of salt to round out the flavors
7. A sprinkle of sugar for a subtle hint of sweetness
8. Citric acid, a natural preservative that also adds zing
9. Colza oil for a smooth, velvety finish
10. A selection of spices to further enhance the complex flavor profile
11. Potassium disulfite to keep the mustard fresh and flavorful